Kirk Filed Lawsuit Against Tsoukernik

A high-stakes player of poker Matt Kirk has filed a lawsuit at Aria Resort and Casino over alleged unpaid loan in the month of May heads-up poker game during the Las Vegas Strip.

Kirk comes from Australia, and in his lawsuit, he said that on the 27th of May; he made four separate loans to Leon Tsoukernik in the morning hours. All four loans were in increments of $500,000 and the amount was $3 million, according to the suit.

Tsoukernik, a businessman from Czech the owner of King’s Casino, “Represented that at the conclusion of the game, he will repay the loans,” said the document of court.

In a game between Kirk and Tsoukernik, Krick said to have lost $1.5 million to Tsoukernik. And despite being ahead $1.5 million, Tsoukernik asked Matt to borrow money, which Kirk completed. But, the lawsuit alleged that Tsoukernik did not turn to repay the money if he lost in the game.

However, on 3rd of June Tsoukernik paid $1 million to Kirk. So now, Kirk is seeking $2 million, along with interest, punitive damages and attorney fees.

According to a log text message, at 4.30 a.m., the first loan of amount $500,000 was made and after 30 minutes nearly, Tsoukernik asked for another $500,000. It was 5:10 a.m. by that time, he lost the second $500,000 as well and then he asked for $1 million. At around 5:45 a.m. Tsoukernik received the amount of another $1 million. Again he lost the money and both then stopped playing.

After a few days of this match, Tsoukernik had a big win in the WSOP. He finished fourth in the Super High Roller Bowl 2017 WSOP $300,000, where he won the amount of $1.8 million. The lawsuit has been filed on June 5 by Kirk.