Nikunj Takes Home The Second Main Event Title

Nikunj won the second Main Event by being at the top of a record field of a total of 697 players. He took home a sum total of INR 6,635,000 as prize money. Sahil Mahboobani was the second runner-up who took home prize money of INR 4,653,000 Deepak, who was the leader of the chip at the beginning of the day, lasted fourth and Amit Jain, Adda52 Team Pro came at the seventh position. Nikunj mentioned that his stack was down till a point of time and Amit Jain’s 3-1 chip lead was over his.

When he missed his stack, it was easier for him to get ahead in the game further. He also expressed having numerous sleepless nights due to increased anxiety before the game. Amit Jain was positioned immediate left to the winner that day. Both he and Adda52 Team Pro have played together in many cash games in Bombay and other cities. So obviously Amit Jain is well versed with Jhunjhunwala’s game strategies. Further, Jhunjhunwala said that cash games of higher stacks as compared to other players. In last two doubles in consecutive, he snatched final victory from its opponent. Singh and Nikunj had a tough game all through. Even though, Singhal was able to double twice through Singh.

Singh shoved kings unto Hidangmayum Somesh’s kings’. Both he and Jhunjhunwala level pegged throughout. Akshay’s ace kings were not sufficient to beat queens’ of Jhunjhunwala. While playing against Sahil Mahboobani, Nikunj was cautious making his moves in the initial time frame. The reason behind thinking and making initial moves is that Sahil is an out and out online player, so post-flop was necessary to win over him. Amit Jain didn’t have a good start for the day. He just grabbed a pot by shoving his ace-ten with Nikunj’s ace-king.

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