Seidel Finished Second In High Roller Events

Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel finished in second position in the 2017 Triton Super High Roller Series.

In the event he earned over $302k prize amount and the distance between the winner of the event and Seidel is sticking.

The winner of the event is Dan Colman he took down the prize amount of HK$ 250,000. The event took place on the weekend and this win was the third six-figure score of Colman in 2017.

In November Seidel turned 57 and he is playing very strong. By this time, many players of poker use to get slow in their game. But, contradicting them, Seidel is getting more powerful in his game.

The player has won more than $5 million in the last two years each, and it is completely possible that the player could overtake pro poker player Negreanu any time in the year 2017. Looking at the performance of Seidel, it is clearly visible that High Roller events are great for Seidel and in the event he is unquestionably one of the dominant players in the history.

The modern High Roller event is an old event, but it has gained the popularity in the year 2011. However, Seidel is the participant of this event before it got famous. From the beginning of the game itself, Seidel used to dominate it and his dominance over the event still prevails. Seidel finished in 3rd in the $618k of $100k Challenge and after that he became the winner of the first ever $250,000 Challenge.

After winning the Aussie Million, the player went to LA to win a $25k High Roller. However, as if now, Seidel is excited for his win the event and celebrating the win. Siebel said, “I am really delighted to win this tournament though at second position.”